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Save Money With Our InstaVolt Promo Code

Updated: Apr 9

InstaVolt rapid EV charger

Want to try the InstaVolt EV charging network?

If yes, use our promo code on sign up and receive a £5 charging credit after your first charge.

What is InstaVolt?

InstaVolt is an EV charging network that is quickly gaining popularity.

Frequently voted No. 1 by EV drivers for ease of use and reliability – InstaVolt has hundreds of rapid and ultra-rapid charging stations conveniently located across the UK.

InstaVolt pride themselves on having a simple and transparent approach to EV charging. There is no subscription required, and customers can choose either to pay via contactless or use InstaVolt's app and RFID card.

InstaVolt EV charging app map

Personally, I really like the app, as it helps me quickly:

  • Locate InstaVolt chargers

  • Start and stop charging sessions, and

  • Show how much electricity (and money!) I'm using while charging

I also opted to have an RFID card sent to me by InstaVolt, as this makes it super easy to start sessions – even if there is low or no mobile signal in the area.

Why Use Our InstaVolt Promo Code?

Along with other EV charging networks, InstaVolt's prices have been rising sharply during the last few months.

However, you can grab yourself a £5 charging credit if you sign up to their service by using our promo code.

The £5 charging credit will appear in your account after you successfully complete your first charge with InstaVolt.

At that time, we'll also get a £5 charging credit in our account for referring you to InstaVolt. A win-win situation!

How to Use the Promo Code?

It's super easy to use our InstaVolt promo code.

Just go to the InstaVolt sign up page via this link and our promo code will be automatically applied to your account.

Alternatively, you can download the InstaVolt app and sign up there. Just remember to enter our code 3YxaY in the referral field.

InstaVolt EV charging app

Save Money on Your EV Charging

With prices of almost everything on the increase, it makes sense to save money where you can.

So use our promo code to get a £5 charging credit with InstaVolt – one of the top EV charging networks in the UK.

Happy charging!

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