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Electric Universe Partners With Osprey to Offer Discounted Off-Peak EV Charging

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Octopus Electric Universe and Osprey EV Charging Network have joined forces to launch a public off-peak rapid charging pilot.

Drivers will receive a 20% discount on their Osprey EV charging sessions between 7pm and 11pm, providing they start their charge using their Electric Universe RFID card.

It's important to note that only customers using the Octopus Electric Universe card will receive the discount. If you use contactless or an Osprey RFID card – standard pricing will apply.

The good news is that the pricing trial is operating across all Osprey rapid charging sites in the UK. You can choose from hundreds of sites, with EV chargers ranging in power from 50kW to 175kW.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Osprey EV chargers, as they're super reliable, and typically located near cafes and shops.

My understanding of the pilot scheme is that it's been introduced to see if EV drivers can be encouraged to charge at off-peak times when public EV charging points are usually at their quietest.

How Much Can You Save

Currently, Osprey is charging 66p/kWh for all customers and payment types. However, with the off-peak discount of 20% via Electric Universe, drivers will be able to charge at the reduced rate of 53p/kWh.

Now, while the discounted rate may still sound quite pricey, it does bring it down below the current rates for other popular EV charging networks such as InstaVolt (57p/kWh) and Ionity (69p/kWh).

Think of it this way:

If you use Osprey to add 40kW to your EV battery, then at standard rates you would be paying £26.40. However, by taking advantage of the off-peak discount, you will pay £21.20. A healthy saving for you of £5.20.

You could either use that saving for next time you charge – or it could pay for a cake and coffee while you wait for your EV to be charged up!

You Can Save Even More

If you're not already an Electric Universe customer, then sign up now using our referral link and you'll receive a £5 charging credit after you've completed your first charge.

Electric Universe is free to join and has zero subscription costs. They'll even send you a free RFID card so you can easily access dozens of popular EV charging networks across the UK and Europe. These include Fastned, Mer and Shell Recharge.

Electric Universe customers can choose to either pay for their public EV charging through their home Octopus Energy account or they can add a separate payment method. And of course, you don't have to be an Octopus Energy customer to join Electric Universe.

Just remember, to get the 20% off-peak discount on Osprey EV rapid charging, you must initiate your charge using your Electric Universe RFID card. If you don't yet have one – join the Electric Universe network now.


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